What is Rainbow?

what is rainbow girlsRainbow is a nonprofit organization that strives to give girls the tools, training, and encouragement to let their individual spirits shine bright. By providing members with a safe, fun, caring environment where responsible, older girls can interact and mentor younger girls through family involvement.

Rainbow Girls are Busy!
By participating in fun events and activities, keeping up with new friends, and traveling to different cities and states, members experience the excitement of what a productive life has to offer.

Rainbow Girls Love a Challenge!
From volunteering for different charities, to working to improve their public speaking, to mastering the lessons of Rainbow, members tackle lots of what is rainbowchallenging hurdles but ultimately walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Rainbow Girls are Ready for Life!

Whether they dream of becoming a successful veterinarian, a talented musician, or a loving mother, Rainbow Girls learn that they can accomplish anything and that they can make a difference.

When and Why Did Rainbow Begin?
In 1922, Rainbow was created for young women whose fathers were members of the Masonic Lodge, and their friends. Although a Christian minister named W. Mark Sexson founded the organization, today the leaders of Rainbow Girls respect and welcome all girls from every religion. Their main focus is more on the spiritual principles of being a kind and caring person. While the Rainbow practices and programs continue to evolve, the basic teachings of faith, hope, and charity remain a cornerstone of this dynamic girl’s youth group.

Today, there are more than 850 assemblies across the world that have bimonthly meetings. This is how the members learn standard meeting protocol and parliamentary procedure.

Adults are always present to provide support, guidance, and help interpret the rules. Members also learn to memorize meaningful lectures and to be prepared for extemporaneous speeches. Some meetings conclude with a presentation or unique entertainment.

In addition, members and advisors work on different service projects throughout the year.

Since November of 1951, world headquarters for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls has been located in McAlester, Oklahoma. This magnificent building was constructed for Rainbow Girls and funded by Rainbow Girls. It represents what can be accomplished when girls are empowered with knowledge, enlightened by travel, and energized by their own inner spirit.

Global Network – Think of It as a Global Sorority
Rainbow is a diverse, multicultural organization with assemblies located throughout the United States. International Rainbow groups can also be found in Aruba, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Philippines

what is rainbowValue
The brilliant colors of the rainbow reflect what members learn. Move your mouse cursor over the colors of the rainbow to learn more!

The foundation behind every lesson  supports 3 basic teachings:

  1. Faith in a supreme being and in others.
  2. Having hope in all that you do.
  3. Charity toward others.

Service-Minded Kids Succeed in School and in Life
There is something eternally special about a girl who gives back to her community. This is one of the basic teachings of Rainbow. Likewise, K-12 schools and colleges believe in nurturing service-minded generations and now require many students to volunteer on an ongoing basis, or complete a specific number of hours of community service.

According to a report by Independent Sector and Youth Service America, people who begin volunteering at a young age are twice as likely to volunteer as adults. Girls who get a head start by joining Rainbow will definitely gain an advantage. According to the federal Corporation for National and Community Service*, students who report doing better in school are more likely to be volunteers. Research also shows that students who volunteer tend to be more well-rounded, productive people and are more engaged in their community. This means that groups like Rainbow play a vital role in the academic futures of young people.

There’s a reason why more than 500 colleges submitted applications to the newly formed President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll – a federal effort to honor universities that have provided the most outstanding community service. Today, an estimated 15.5 million youth (or 55% of kids ages 12-18) participate in volunteer activities and Rainbow is proud to be a part of that.  Click here to read full report.

High School and College
With college entrance requirements becoming more and more competitive, students need to fit a more diverse profile. Getting good grades and scoring high on the SAT are not the only things colleges review. They want to see students who take the initiative to be involved in their community and invest their spare time in volunteering. Walking a neighbor’s dog their senior year in high school does not qualify! Students should start early. That’s why joining Rainbow is a smart investment in a girl’s future. In 2001, almost 83% of high school seniors said they volunteered before college.

Join Rainbow today for a better tomorrow because…

  • Many high schools are requiring community service before graduation.
  • Most colleges and universities look for high school students who have taken active roles in volunteering.
  • Volunteering presents an awesome way for girls to experience different areas of work, making it less complicated when choosing a career path.
  • Rainbow community service projects allow girls to network and meet with professionals for solid career guidance.