Grand Cross of Color Officers

Office Name Preceptory
State Dean Sara E. Columbia
State Victory Erica P. Mexico
State Vision Janet M. Vision-St. Louis
State Truth Amanda O. Liberty
State Recorder Elizabeth M. Columbia
State Chaplain Tricia R. Faith-Sarcoxie
State Marshal Leah E. St. Charles
State Musician/Soloist Jennifer O. Columbia
State Keeper of the Door Debbie O. Ashland
State Keeper of the Outer Door Carol W. Comfort
State Standard Bearer Meghann K. Harrisonville
State Grand Cross of Color Bearer Delma S. Kahoka
State Rainbow Color Bearer Bella G. Victory-Marlborough
State Cross Bearer Katelin M. Rolla
State Crown Bearer Evalyne T. Friendship
State Medallion Bearer Sue C. Maplewood
State Page to Preceptor Mariah S. Rolla
State Page to State Dean Sally E. Columbia
State Preceptor Debbie Rickard Mexico
State Executive Recorder Janet Thompson Republic